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Our easy to use app walks you through the entire process.

SolsticeCam is portable, if you wish to hard-mount please see the quick guide.

Live video can be viewed through your SolsticeCam mobile application, secure Control Center 8 website, or via a public page if you elected to set this up during camera setup.

You can share your SolsticeCam through the Public Management tool on your Control Center 8 or with the public page generated during your camera’s initial setup.

Reconfiguring your SolsticeCam for a new project is as simple as running the initial activation, this reactivation process will create a new project and begin a new time-lapse movie.

A new project for your SolsticeCam will be automatically created during the activation process, you will be prompted to give a name and location of this new project during camera activation.

You can reset your password via the Control Center 8 login page, at the bottom of the screen there is a link titled Forgot Your Password?

Yes, SolsticeCam is constantly recording at all times.

Green = Camera ON

Yellow = Camera ON and Charging

Red = Camera OFF

SolsticeCam does not require a static IP address, but you may use one if preferred.

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